My most recent school, St. Andrew’s international Primary School in Blantyre, Malawi, has been my professional playground for the past 11 years. As Principal of this wonderful school I  built innovative teams, experimented with excellence in leadership models,  designed curricula, witnessed individuals blossom and brought a previously obscure school to one that was a beacon of excellence locally, and one that exhibits externally accredited global quality. 

I hope that the following clips and pieces give the school the image that it deserves, and that through browsing you may see the type of school and community that I enjoyed serving and leading. 

Share the vision

School leadership is all about influence and opportunity. I believe that successful leaders focus on making the soil fertile for people to grow, through clearly articulating their vision for the school and building opportunities for all stakeholders to contribute to the development of the school as a truly central part of the community.

Build on Values

Understanding your “WHY”. Children are the future guardians of our planet and every one of them has their own dreams and aspirations. Basing our education on values gives them the right framework within which to achieve, whatever their aspirations. Providing opportunities to reach these heights became a key focus of ours. 

Building community

The Arts take central stage at St. Andrew’s when it comes to building opportunities for children and adults to take on something different and make it into a spectacle. This sense of community creates the right base for progress and sustainability, and becomes an important part of the school’s culture.

Create the right teams

It can take years to build the team that will bring a school to the point of excellence. One of our values is “Equality”. This value in itself should be at the base of team building, along with ‘Respect’ for one another. 

Be relentlessly dynamic

Never before in any of our lifetimes has the need for dynamism been as important. Covid-19 forced changes in organisations like never before. At St. Andrew’s we believed in the power of opportunity that this presented to us and we made the best of it as we designed our online platform, and delivered ongoing education to our children using the beginnings of a ‘Blended Learning’ model, unique to our context. Be the leader that faces these challenges head on, and always puts the children first.

Have fun!

Schools MUST be a place that every child wants to be. Have fun, tap into individuality, understand your community and value every single person for who they are – and then, and only then, have you arrived!

Believe in your school

Always know that every action you take is for the best interests of the children, and communicate this clearly, effectively and regularly so that your community can feel comfortable in the trust they have for you.