From the time I was a high school student I have believed that schools should be places where children love to be. I have believed that learning should be a process that is in tune with the human spirit, and that it should be personal, modern, contextually relevant, and above all, fun!

Throughout my time in education I have made it my personal goal to create the best possible opportunities for people under my care. As a class teacher I could do this through creative lessons. As a Principal I achieved this through innovative leadership and creative, collaborative management.

Now I have taken this to the next level and co-founded a skills development organisation called Ubuntu Education Solutions. It is our mission to influence the education of millions of children through providing creative and innovate online learning opportunities for those who impact their learning directly – their teachers. We believe, through Ubuntu, that the vast wealth of inherent skill in the African Education sector can be nurtured and grown to extraordinary heights through making professional learning both physically and financially accessible. 

I am a problem solver and visionary and love to work surrounded by creatives and innovators. Teams that I have thrived in in the past have been loaded with like-minded people, and this is no coincidence! 

As a person I value collaboration, creativity, empathy, optimism and diversity. To me, education is the most important human endeavour and something which should embody these values. I also believe we live in a world full of opportunity to express these values, and education is our porthole into exploring and making the most of this.

If you are someone who is like-minded, let’s connect and make the world a better place together, through the lens of education. And let’s bring joy and professionalism to the millions of people who spend each day teaching and learning.